We are very happy to announce we can finally bring to our series the venerable Scottish group Old Blind Dogs.  If the name doesn't immediately ring a bell, the Old Blind Dogs have been serving up powerful and lively renditions of Scottish traditional music for decades.  Widely considered THE pre-eminent traditional Scottish band, they continue to bring fire to the stage with every ballad and reel.  This will be a treat!

Note the atypical scheduled days!  In order to work with their schedule, we are holding an unusual SUNDAY evening concert at Coalesce.

"The boys' traditional mix of upbeat instrumentals, low-down dirty percussion and good old traditional songs comes through clearly..." (ALEX MONEGHAN - The Living Tradition)
"What makes Old Blind Dogs special, however, is their power to evoke the wild, historic Scottish landscape and bring it to life in the contemporary world, even when they cover AC/DC>"  (REVIEW - Three Weeks Festival Publication)

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  • Coalesce Bookstore - SUNDAY, March 6 - $20 - show starts at 7:00
  • Castoro Cellars - Saturday, March 12 - $20 - show starts at 7:30
  • Doors open at 6:30