This month we are offering TWO distinct shows!



Celtic harps, rare instruments and wondrous stories. 


Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter are a multi-instrumentalist duo with Celtic Harps, Swedish Nyckelharpa, Ukrainian Bandura, Bouzouki, Cittern and more.  They hail from San Francisco and tour extensively, both having successful recording and performing careers built from years of street performing and a background as rock musicians.  They have performed with some of the biggest names in folk and acoustic music and have sold well over a million albums combined.  Audiences are spellbound and enchanted with their unique show of breathtaking music both Traditional and original, with wondrous stories and humor entwined.




“The Door Between the Worlds” 

with Patrick Ball, Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter


"The Door Between the Worlds" is a dramatic journey in music and story into the realms of the Celtic “Otherworld.”  The Celtic people have always believed that there are two worlds.  There is the world in which we live.  And there is “The Otherworld.”  This Land of Faery is filled with wonder and delight but also darkness and peril. 

The acclaimed ensemble, Legends of the Celtic Harp, opens the door into this mystical world with music played on Celtic harps, Irish bouzouki, mandolin, cittern, and Swedish nyckelharpa and tells the tales of that legendary land... from which no one returns unchanged.

"An American master of the Irish instrument, a peripatetic modern day bard, combining tale-telling, history, and music into a seamless compound that reaches all ages and types of listeners."  San Francisco Chronicle

"With "Legends of the Celtic Harp", Ball, Frankfurter, and Lynne ... provide listeners with rich theater as they join their talents to present the myths, magic, and fabled history of the Celtic harp.”  Pacifica Tribune

Click here for a sampling from their recent show at Freight and Salvage.


  • Coalesce Bookstore - Friday, December 9 - $20 - show starts at 7:00
  • Castoro Cellars - Saturday, December 10 - $20 - show starts at 7:30
  • Doors open at 6:30


For Tickets, please call the venue:

  • Coalesce Bookstore  -  805.772.2880
  • Castoro Cellars  -  805.238.0725  or  888.326.3463  or  online at castorocellars.com/events
  • Castoro tickets also available in person at Boo Boo Records (with additional fee)