• Castoro Cellars - Friday, August 19 - $22 - show starts at 7:00

Las Cafeteras combines the vibrant energy of Son Jarocho music with an edgy East LA sound and a community-focused political message.  Using Afro-Caribbean/Mexican rhythms and instruments, they sing songs about seeking love and justice in a concrete jungle.  Band member Hector Flores says "We sing in five languages:  English, Spanish, Spanglish, Justice, and Love!"

They have been taking the state and the country by storm, bringing audiences to their feet everywhere they go.  Their amazing energy is infectious.  They WILL make you want to move!

“Everyone came out of their shells.  The room was alive with music and everyone was busting a move, swinging a partner around.”
- LA Record



    • Castoro Cellars - Saturday, July 30 - $22 - show starts at 7:00
    •  Doors open at 6:00
    • A catered dinner with a vegetarian option (vendor, menu and cost TBA) will be available starting at 6:00.  Please, no outside food or beverages allowed at catered concerts.      
    • Sound solar-powered thanks to Semmes & Co.
    • Seating provided – there is also room on the lawn for blankets and low-back, low-seat chairs.


    For Tickets, please call the venue:

    • Castoro Cellars  -  805.238.0725  or  888.326.3463  or  online at castorocellars.com/events
    • Castoro tickets also available in person at Boo Boo Records (with additional fee)