Nina Gerber & Chris Webster

Our Friday show features two absolute masters of what can best be described as acoustic folk-rock.  Nina Gerber likely needs no introduction - she has built a reputation playing guitar with and for a host of folk luminaries too long to list.  Chris Webster is an award-winning soul singer who stretches the genre to cover folk, gospel, blues, bluegrass, and more.  Together these two just released a new album - Apple Blossom Lane - that is quite awesome.

Nina & Chris plus Pam & Jeri

Our Saturday show brings in Nina & Chris joined with the exceptional Pam & Jeri, creating a show they call dueling duos!  Pam & Jeri likely need no introduction: they have played locally as The Pam & Jeri Show, and of course are integral members of the fantastic Blame Sally.  Together, the two duos trade off playing lead, and have a marvelous back-and-forth repartee that will be priceless!  You won't want to miss this show!

Check out Nina & Chris at Strawberry (showcasing both Nina's great guitar playing and Chris's amazing voice) here.

Check out Pam & Jeri playing Pam's song 'Trouble' here.

  • http://www.chriswebstermusic.com/  
  • http://www.ninagerber.com/


  • Coalesce Bookstore - Friday, April 7 - $20 - show starts at 7:00
  • Castoro Cellars - Saturday, April 8 - $20 - show starts at 7:30
  • Doors open at 6:30


For Tickets, please call the venue:

  • Coalesce Bookstore  -  805.772.2880
  • Castoro Cellars  -  805.238.0725  or  888.326.3463  or  online at castorocellars.com/events
  • Castoro tickets also available in person at Boo Boo Records (with additional fee)