We return to the indoor series with the guitarist who likely needs no introduction - Peppino d'Agostino!  He has graced our stages for so many years, and yet always brings a fresh and mesmerizing show - he truly is a maestro of fingerstyle guitarists.  Warm and gracious, he is an absolute pleasure to see live.  He'll be performing indoors, where his beautiful and intricate guitar work is best appreciated.  For those who've seen him, you know what to expect.  If you have not yet seen him live, be prepared to be amazed and entertained!

Peppino writes wonderful guitar pieces.  He's one of my favorite composers for this cranky instrument.  Plus, he's a tone player.  I love his sound... (he) gets the resin and the wood” – Leo Kottke


  • Coalesce Bookstore - Friday, October 13 - $20 - show starts at 7:00
  • Castoro Cellars - Saturday, October 14 - $20 - show starts at 7:30
  • Doors open at 6:30


For Tickets, please call the venue:

  • Coalesce  -  805.772.2880
  • Castoro Cellars  -  805.238.0725 or 888.326.3463, or online at castorocellars.com/events
  • Tickets also available for the Castoro show in person at Boo Boo Records (with additional service fee)