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Birds of Chicago (band)  performing for SLOfolks July 26, 2014
at Castoro Cellars, 7PM
(Photo credit to Gabriel Judet-Weinshel)

"I hear from their agent that they have already sold out their San Francisco

and Santa Cruz concerts!

An Introduction To SLOFolks


SLOFolks, a non profit organization, brings you live music from Appalachia to Mali, a diversity reflecting the cultural history and expression of the people's music played on a variety of instruments.
You will hear sea shanties, ballads, work songs, gypsy music, West African Kora, Celtic. Bluegrass as well as French Musettes and Brazilian instrumentalists.


"Let this be my epitaph:
The only proof he needed for the existence of God was music"

Kurt Vonnegut


"I know what music is and what music does to that next person.
I know that music unites people. Music gives hope and
Music is a way of life.  That I know"

Oliver Mutkudzi


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Birds of Chicago


J.T. and Allison - Home page

The collaboration of Alli Russell of Po' Girl 
JT Nero of JT & The Clouds.


Saturday, July 26, 7:00PM, Castoro Cellars ~  $22
Catered Dinner:  


A gourmet dinner will be prepared by PasoTerra
Menu at bottom of the page




Two of the most compelling new voices in Americana roots music."

- Chicago Sun Times


Allison Russell – banjo, clarinet, uke, vocals
JT Nero – acoustic guitar, vocals
Chris Merrill – bass guitar
Joe Faulhaber – electric guitar
Nick Chambers – drums

Career highlights include :

Festivals include Delfest, Kerrville Folk, High Sierra, Strawberry Music Festival, Telluride Americana, High Sierra Music festival, Hillside Music Festival,
American River Festival, SXSW. , Folk Alliance and more
Sessions include Daytrotter, Audiotree Live, e-Town, Balcony TV and more.


"This year's biggest surprise." - LA Times 

"Songwriting genius. 5 Stars." - Maverick UK

"…more or less perfect Americana." - Americana UK


Recent press includes:

 “10/10. ‘Live From SPACE’ leaves no genre unaccounted for, no touchstone unturned. If you want acappella spiritual – it’s here (‘Barley’), you want ‘soul’- it’s here (‘All The City Girls’), you want acoustic balladry – it’s here (‘I Have Heard Words’), you want driving country rock – it’s here (‘Sugar Dumplin’’). And that’s only the first four tracks. (Americana UK, April 2014)


“JT Nero and Allison Russell area a solid power couple who musically thrives together. They both are talented singers, and they take each song to new heights with their outstanding vocal abilities.” (The Barn Presents – June, 2014)


“[Birds of Chicago] have discovered a power in their collective that creates some truly spine tingling moments. Mix a little gospel, a little soul, plenty of country attitude and you get the semblance of the forces at play here. Heard live, this couple display a spirit in performance that is really special and conjures up the celebratory feel of a revival  meeting.” (Lonesome Highway – May, 2014)


“I Have Heard Words – Top Ten Songs Of The Week” (The Alternate Root – May 29, 2014)


“The band brings alive the big fat Birds of Chicago sound, topped off by two of the most distinctive voices on the Americana scene. 5 Stars” (Northern Sky, May 2014)


“Impeccable harmonies, warm voices and beautiful accompaniment.” (R2-Rock ‘N Reel Magazine, May 2014)


“Birds of Chicago are a sound buffet, and the band members are master chefs serving cabaret twang, dark folk blues, rock heavy alt country, and Mediterranean beach bar band. They are a gypsy band, knowing that their sound should be felt and seen as much as heard.” (The Alternate Root, May 2014)


“[Live From SPACE] is a contender for live record of the year.” (House of Mercy Radio, May 2013)


8/10 “This is how live albums should be done: intimate and truly special.” (The Digital Fix, April 2014)


“A blossoming demonstration of how to merge a country/folk rock sound with some sublime soulful blues. It was an absolute pleasure to savor a small part of the incredible atmosphere generated on ‘Live From SPACE.’” (Three Chords and The Truth-UK, April 2014)                               


For several years Russell and Nero’s respective bands, Po' Girl (Vancouver, BC) and JT and the Clouds (Chicago, IL), have collaborated extensively, but on 2011’s Mountains/Forests, released under the JT Nero banner, they tapped into the true, bewitching power of their voices together on an entire record.  It also featured the full cast of characters that would round out the Birds of Chicago ensemble — the Clouds and Michelle McGrath, the luminous singer and picker from the hidden hills of Southeast Ohio.


"Artists to Watch… Birds of Chicago's stripped down guitar-and-banjo Kickstarter-funded debut album  is showing that there is whimsy to be found in the intensely personal, and magic hiding in even the thickest shadows."   -Kim Ruehl, About.Com Folk Music


"4.5/5 stars Birds Of Chicago excels through the sheer variety and complexity of its sound…There are shades of The Band recognisable throughout an album which has clever and quirky songwriting, as on JT's Moonglow Tapeworm. I particularly liked the mournful Old Calcutta, which includes the lines: 'Then someone comes along and says that Pluto's not a planet, oh I wish with all my heart he had not said it.' All 12 tracks are high quality including the brass-infused finale The Wide Sea. These birds can soar."   Martin Chilton, The Telegraph


"Birds of Chicago is a good collection of summer and winter songs that are accompanied by able instrumentation (check out the clarinet on “Old Calcutta”), and as such is a great listen. We can do nothing less but recommend you pick up a copy or catch a live show of the Birds of Chicago.    "Alex Hutt, press+1

2012′s release BIRDS of CHICAGO has been called “As refreshing and rewarding as morning in the reeds with the Audubon Society” by Thomas Connor of the Chicago Sun Times. This debut offering by Birds of Chicago has garnered Rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic. The album is as beautifully written as it is sung and has been Championed by No Depression, Jambase, Daytrotter, Audio Tree, Americana UK as well as receiving extensive US college radio play.

- See more at:


1032 Pine Street, Paso Robles 93446      805-227-4100
Menu: July 26, 2014
Choice of:
Poached Salmon with Grilled Local Asparagus w/ Lemon Beurre Blanc Sauce
Beef Moussaka or Eggplant Parmesan
All Served with: Tabbouleh and Vegetable Ratatouille, Chef’s Rolls with butter and a Chocolate Chip Cookie
Price: $15 per plate, cash only please



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