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Jude Johnstone coming to play for SLOfolks in November


An Introduction To SLOFolks

SLOFolks, a non profit organization, brings you live music from Appalachia to Mali, a diversity reflecting the cultural history and expression of the people's music played on a variety of instruments.
You will hear sea shanties, ballads, work songs, gypsy music, West African Kora, Celtic. Bluegrass as well as French Musettes and Brazilian instrumentalists.

"You know what music is? God's little reminder that there's something else besides us in this universe; harmonic connections between all living beings, everywhere, even the stars."  Robin Williams

"Let this be my epitaph:
The only proof he needed for the existence of God was music"

Kurt Vonnegut

"I know what music is and what music does to that next person.
I know that music unites people. Music gives hope and
Music is a way of life.  That I know"

Oliver Mutkudzi

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**On August 9, 2007, SLOfolks received our tax exempt status from the IRS. We are now a public charity, exempt from federal taxes as a 501 (c)(3) corporation.

Any bequests, transfers, gifts or contributions to SLOfolks are tax deductible under section 170 of the code.


Jude Johnstone

Coalesce Bookstore – November 14, 7PM  -  $20
Castoro cellars -  November 15, 7:30PM
     -  $20 



Jude Wins IAMA Award

We’re happy to announce that Jude won the 2013 best song
with the IAMA (International Acoustic…


Jude Johnstone with Bob Liepman and Sal Garza

Born in Bar Harbor, Maine, Jude Johnstone began writing songs at around age 8, playing the local clubs at 16 and at 18, she was "discovered" by E-Street Band saxophonist, Clarence Clemons. After spending some time in New York and New Jersey under his wing, in 1979, she moved to Los Angeles, where her songs quickly became sought after by other artists. She has been covered by Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, Bette Midler, Johnny Cash, Stevie Nicks, Jennifer Warnes, Trisha Yearwood etc., including a #1 song for Yearwood's debut album called "The Woman Before Me" which earned her a BMI award. She also penned the title track to Johnny Cash's Grammy winning album "Unchained."

“If Jude Johnstone is not yet a musical household name, she sure as hell should be.”
—Henry Carrigan, No Depression

“She’s patently a master at capturing the heart’s dark and desperate moments, just as she’s capable of encouraging belief in its resurrection.”
—Mike Davies, Roots and Branches/The Beat

“For those who once zoned in to the mean streets Tom Waits, Rickie Lee Jones and other young bohemians walked, these lucky 11 songs will offer a ray of light which promises to never go out.”
— Bill Bentley/The Morton Repor


"If you like music that scrapes at the bottom of your soul and leaves a trace of itself behind, then you need to listen to this album and add this amazing artist to your lineup.
"Dana Wright/

"Johnstone is a songwriters' songwriter."
JAM Magazine, Italy


"A lesson in melodic grace delivered by as fine a singer-songwriter as any I know”
~ Rodney Crowell


"Beautiful, artful and awash in subtle undertones and fiery, impassioned smouldering determination."Maurice Hope, Flyin' Shoes, Germany


bob Liepman-small

  Bob Liepman’s musical journey began in the sixth grade when his mother asked which stringed instrument he wanted to play.  He chose cello, thinking that at least he would get to sit down to play it.  Discovering a rare cousin of the cello, he began playing a 1920s Gibson mandocello with bands based in Los Angeles .  After moving to the Central Coast with his wife Wendy, he has recorded and performed regularly with groups ranging from the San Luis Chamber Orchestra to innumerable local musicians.  His motto: “There’s always room for cello.”

Sal Garza ~  – ‎violinist at Candle Light Strings ~

Sal Garza - small

Born in Monterrey, Mexico,
Sal was first mentored on Violin under "Botso" Korisheli.
He has worked with and performed onstage with Jude and many other World Class musicians and entertainers, here, and abroad.
Sal is currently acting as A&R/Consultant with MI5 Recordings.
" What's that Watermelon doing there" ?




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